Missouri Kayak Adventures

Missouri River!


There’s something special about breathing in the fresh air of the North Dakota outdoors. Breathing in that air while floating along the great Missouri River… Now that’s an entirely different story. The Missouri River is a stunningly peaceful asset to North Dakota. From our farmland, to the rolling hills in the east, to the rugged terrain of the Badlands, the river brings a sense of tranquility and beauty everywhere it flows. Everyone deserves a chance to experience the closeness to nature that this opportunity brings.

You’ll find that there’s a reason for everyone to jump on a kayak and start paddling. Paddle to relax and enjoy the views and sounds of nature. Paddle to get in a rewarding physical work out. Paddle to spend quality time with family and friends. Whatever your reason may be, it’s become clear to us that while on the water, smiles are contagious and overall individual growth is inevitable. At Missouri Kayak Adventures, we strive to provide everyone with an opportunity to explore the river at their own pace, and to complete the trip feeling far better than when they began.


There’s an abundance of striking views to take in on the Missouri River; some big, some small. Start your journey in the morning to experience the sunrise without the distractions of everyday life, or later in the day to experience an unmatched North Dakota sunset on the water. You’ll likely find several sandbars on your route as well. Feel free to stop, pull your kayak ashore and relax with a cool beverage or a snack. The day is yours. We have three routes for you to try, and all three are fit for most levels of kayakers. 

Our most popular is called the BisMan Paddler Route. This trail allows you to explore the Missouri River flowing along the boundary between North Dakota’s capital city, Bismarck, and its neighbor city, Mandan. On this trail you will be traveling downstream North To South on the Missouri River starting in Misty Waters Marina, Bismarck and ending at the Fox Island Boat Ramp. This trip can be typically completed in 2-4 hours. However, if you want to go slow and relaxed, feel free to take your time on a sandbar along the way. No rush.

Another option is our Steckel Landing Route. This trail is perfect for those who yearn to enjoy the peaceful, stunning landscapes North Dakota has to offer. This trip makes it easy to explore the Missouri River north of Bismarck. Here, you’ll encounter far less recreational boat traffic… so it’ll just be you, the water and the beautiful scenery.

Our third and final route is the ND Legendary Route. This is the ultimate day trip, as it can take 11-13 hours to complete! Make sure to pack a lunch and get ready to take off on one of the most amazing river journeys North Dakota has to offer. On this trail, we will launch you off in Washburn, North Dakota and you’ll end up in Bismarck.

Whichever route you choose, rest assured your trip will be invigorating and satisfying. Our goal is to build a community to explore the great outdoors and learn how to find both calmness and exhilaration in nature together. Book your trip and come experience the great Missouri River for yourself.

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