By popular demand, we have added the Double Ditch to Misty Waters route to our lineup.

This unique route takes you through channels not readily accessible during normal river seasons. This is due to the high water level on the river this year allowing access to these extraordinary channels on the Missouri River.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: FREE*

*Up to groups of 7


Route #1 — Missouri Kayak Adventures Most Popular Trail

BisMan Paddler Route

Misty Waters Marina → Fox Island Boat Ramp (2.5 to 4 hours) -$50 per group*

This is our most popular trail, and is perfect for all types of kayakers. With the BisMan Paddler Route, you can explore the Missouri River flowing through the boundary between North Dakota’s capital city, Bismarck, and its neighbor city, Mandan. On this trail, you’ll travel downstream (North to South) starting in Misty Waters Marina, Bismarck and ending at the Fox Island Boat Ramp. This sought-after trip is typically completed in 2-4 hours... However, if you want to go slow and relax, feel free to take your time by stopping at a sandbar along the way, or just moving at a slower pace. No rush.

*Up to groups of 7

Route #2 — World-class scenery and minimal boat traffic.

Steckel Landing Route

Steckel Landing → Misty Waters (5 to 7 hours) -$35 per group*

This trail is perfect for those of us who yearn to enjoy the peaceful, stunning landscapes North Dakota has to offer. The Steckel Landing Route makes it easy to explore the Missouri River north of Bismarck. In this area, you will encounter far less recreational boat traffic… so it’ll just be you, the water and the beautiful scenery. On this trail you’ll travel downstream (North to South) on the Missouri River, starting at Steckel Boat Landing (near Wilton, ND) and ending at Misty Waters Marina. This trip can be typically completed in 6-8 hours.

*Up to groups of 7

Route #3 — A paddler’s trophy route

ND Legendary Route

Washburn → Misty Waters (8 to 12 hours) -$100 per group*

This is the ultimate trail to complete in a day! Make sure to pack a lunch and get ready to take off on one of the most amazing river journeys North Dakota has to offer. On this trail, we will launch you off in Washburn, North Dakota and you’ll end up in Bismarck, North Dakota (Misty Waters Marina). This trip can typically be completed in 11 to 13 hours. Get ready to have a long, exciting day on the water, and remember, you’ll be able to stop at some sandbars along the way.

*Up to groups of 7